Can a cosmetic be made on a generation? What should I consider when doing cosmetic services?

Whether you want to sell brand-name lipsticks or want to create your own cosmetics brand, a piece of cosmetics is a simple but very good way to start a business, you can also earn some extra money. It attracts a lot of people and it is still very hot. However, starting to use cosmetics directly is usually not as simple as displaying the product to the customer and hoping to have some sales. So what should you consider when starting a cosmetics direct business? Here are some tips to make you a “Queen of Selling Cosmetics”.

Focus on the cosmetics market

One of the best ways to validate product ideas is to first study trends. If you are planning to enter the beauty industry and start your own cosmetics business, then you should always browse the beauty market. You can also check out Google’s trends and see if anyone is more and more interested in your ideas.

It is predicted that by 2020, the beauty industry in the United States will reach an unimaginable $90 billion. If you want to take a share, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is your idea different from the one in the market?
  • Have you identified the audience for your product? How do you contact them?
  • Does the current brand underestimate this part of the audience?
  • Have you found a new trend?
  • Is your product different from what is available on the market?
  • Are you trying to create a new, different experience around a common product?
  • How does your brand help achieve this goal?

For potential sellers entering the beauty industry, saturation is probably the biggest challenge. The online cosmetics industry is growing every day. However, traditional male and female views have changed in cosmetic applications. The current trend is that women living in urban areas spend a lot of money on luxury goods, so it is clear that the demand for cosmetics still exists.

What kind of cosmetics can be used in a generation mode?

As a newcomer to make-up brands, how do you make your products stand out in a crowded market? Most importantly, you need to understand market trends, keep up with these trends, and fill the gaps in the industry. Trends and niche markets are changing almost every day, so be prepared to accept the challenge. As we all know, South Korea is a beautiful destination. According to a government survey, the most wanted items for tourists when they travel are Korean beauty products. Korean cosmetics brands seem to launch new products every month, all made from exotic materials, such as Jeju Island volcanic clay, soybeans, Korean traditional medicine, and of course snail internal organs.

On the other hand, in today’s era of environmental protection, natural plant products are increasingly favored and respected by people. Because organic cosmetics brands use pure, environmentally friendly ingredients and never test their cosmetics on animals.

1) 100% pure

100% pure is dedicated to creating the world’s purest, organic and pure cosmetics, skin care and beauty products. Their vegan cosmetics contain high levels of antioxidants, natural vitamins and essential oils that will give your skin the greatest benefit. Its fruit-colored mascara is one of the most popular cosmetics.
2) RMSbeauty

The essential idea behind RMSbeauty is the very popular simplicity. Its cosmetics are made from Korean raw materials, food grade, and can be used instead of toner. This is a great gift for women to provide a true natural product that moisturizes and men can illuminate the skin. Each RMS beauty product contains no artificial preservatives, synthetic vitamins and chemicals. Their ingredients are genetically modified organisms, nano-organisms, soybeans, gluten and harmless. The reason RMS beauty products are renowned in the beauty industry is that their products in their 20s can improve your beautiful complexion. The most recommended is the “Un” lip print.

How do you sell cosmetics?

Here, I introduced four methods based on my experience in cosmetics direct sales, and listed below.

Make your own cosmetics

If you want to make cosmetics at home, you need to consider:

1) Know your customers

Do some research first, know who your customers are, what they want and what they need is important. Collecting buyer data is useful and it can help you really understand them. Sometimes, in order to establish deeper connections with current and future customers, it is worthwhile to go a long way. Go to your customers and don’t wait for them to come to you.

When you spend money in the city, pay attention to the customers’ habits, wishes and willingness to buy, and also pay attention to your choice when selling cosmetics. For example, Innisfree can work well where they like to shop.

2) Find and create your recipe

Creating your own recipes often requires a lot of experimentation and modification; it requires you to focus on concentration and exchange raw materials with new materials to create something truly unique.

You can also find existing recipes on the website or other online database, or copy recipes from the list of ingredients in commercial products. However, even recipes you get from other sources must be modified to suit your specific needs.

3) Test your formula

Remember, don’t just test the recipe on your own or your friend’s skin. Stability testing is your best friend, so do stability testing! It will prevent your company from marketing an unstable product that may damage your reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to check the stability test list.

4) Products produced

Strict attention to strict sanitary conditions, clean working space, rational use and storage of raw materials. Always pursue high quality.

When you move your cosmetics business from a kitchen production facility to a more professional level and your own laboratory, you need to follow certain standards, which are good manufacturing practices for cosmetics, which is required by the FDA.

Production of consistent quality products: establish standardized quality standards and strictly enforce them; only purchase raw materials from reliable sources, use only distilled water (but do not use tap water), fully store raw materials, use only clean and disinfected tools and containers, and put on clean Disposable gloves and masks, all batches of products are recorded in the log, and samples for each batch are retained.

Consider contract manufacturers: If you can’t or don’t want to make your own products, consider consulting a contract manufacturer. This is a special case – when your business grows to a certain size, you have to produce it in large quantities, so that mass production has its own challenges!

2, manufacturing cosmetics or looking for fixed-point production points

This means making recipes from scratch in production equipment. Big brand cosmetics may have their own factories, and many manufacturers produce products for multiple brands in the same field.

When Kate launched her cosmetic scream brand, she produced products at home and sold them on Etsy. When she introduced the mascara to the brand, she contacted some chemists to help her find the formula before she went beyond her family business. Kate eventually moved to a factory outside, so she could actually start to make more personalized colors. At the same time, Kate did a lot of research. Fortunately, she found a company outside of Chicago and established a relationship with them.

There are many resources available online to help you contact manufacturers in North America or overseas. is the perfect resource to find a factory to produce your beauty product line. This site has a large database of plants from all over the country and Canada. If you log in to the site and type in the words “Beauty Care Products” in the search bar, there will be 37 results, distributed in New York, Florida and Arizona. However, if you wish to produce your product abroad, you can visit First select “Full Site Directory”, then find the title of “International Trade”, and finally click “Find Overseas Chamber of Commerce”.

3, white label

Cosmetic white label (or private label) refers to a product that is generally manufactured, with or without a slight customization of color or aroma, and packaged and sold under your own brand. Many brands may use the same formulation made with the same device, but with subtle variations and different packaging. White labels are ideal for brands selling novelty products or unique concepts and unique products. For example, when you want to open a theme cosmetics store, you can create your private brand lipstick with relevant packaging and some attractive dream names. In this case, in fact, the lipstick itself is not important. The most important thing is the brand or concept. White labels are a great way to get from idea to finished product quickly, especially when you’re entering a hot trend.

4, promotion

Of course, you can also sell cosmetics online by skipping the manufacturing process altogether. You can buy from a variety of brands and bring a carefully planned shopping experience to your customers. Thinking topics: local brands, natural or organic products, products for specific skin types or conditions, and more.

Find out which brands you want to resell, then contact your local representative for each brand so you can get information you may not be able to get online. For example, by contacting an agent, you can learn about the company’s registration fee, product inventory requirements, and rewards program. Fully understand the company’s makeup products. Read the existing information about the product and try them as much as possible. Only when you can tell the customer about the benefits of makeup products, talk about your experience with them and answer any questions about them, customers are more likely to buy cosmetics from you. Take advantage of existing opportunities to advertise your resale cosmetics business.

Cosmetics Direct Supplier – Build Your Own Online Store

You can sell cosmetics online and sell cosmetics directly in a variety of ways. This is the best way. is a great direct sales platform that meets all the needs of sellers.

The number of KFBUY products exceeds 300,000. With this direct platform membership, you can easily find real cosmetics direct sellers and start selling cosmetics on your website, eBay, etc! KFBUY is an emerging e-commerce platform. It only takes a few minutes to get started, and we will give you a few days to experiment before committing. Product description, the reason why I continue to marry you, they are very important. Because product descriptions not only help search engine optimization, but also provide customers with valuable information to help them make informed purchases while reducing returns. For cosmetic products, it should use the primary space to describe the texture, surface treatment, application, and use of the product.

However, on KFBUY, you and your customers can see ready-made product descriptions that show large, clear images of the product on a white or clean background, as well as the life/beauty of the products used on the model. image.

There are many cosmetic and cosmetic accessories in KFBUY. It even adds new products to the site every day. It’s good quality, but cheaper than other online shopping sites, attracting a lot of sellers and buyers!

Through the above analysis, we learned that there are many factors to consider when starting a new cosmetics company. We recommend that you use cosmetics direct sales – selling cosmetics online at home, which is in line with the requirements of the e-commerce era!